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24 Jun

Кaliakria Equestrian Centre

Our new story to share with you

Kaliakria Resort has been telling you for a long time about her fairy tale of sea, sunshine and winds. Her stories of the regatta and the sailors. And of pleasures – of good food intertwined with the amazing views. Now, we are about to tell you our latest story.

Our main characters are … horses. For certain, whatever you might have heard about these beautiful creatures, nothing can compare with meeting them in person. Horses have always been a human companion. They have shared our work, love, friendship, races and wars.

Horses are amazing creatures

Did you know that they are so sensitive, that they can feel negative human emotions like anger and fear, and be affected by them? They can also catch all nuances in our voices. They abide to a special code which doesn’t allow them to intentionally harm a human being. You would be surprised to learn that they have an astounding memory. But they only keep the good memories.

Take your first riding lesson

This season you will have the chance to create happy memories together, because we have opened our own Kaliakria Equestrian Centre. You can now take your first riding lesson with a professional instructor in the newly built manège. We know you will fall in love, and you will take the first opportunity, with your instructor’s approval, to take out on a long trail to discover a completely new experience – the joy of horse riding.

Horse riding for all ages and abilities

You will also have the possibility to appreciate the incredibly beautiful settings chosen by our team for the trail rides. Leave behind all your concerns. The horses in Kaliakria Equestrian Centre have been carefully selected, looked after and bred, so they can accommodate calmly and securely every new rider’s character and disposition regardless of his/hers abilities. If you are a beginner you will have to persevere and take pleasure in lengthy slow walks. If you have some experience, our instructor will decide whether to take you on a long route where you might be able to let the horse trot, maybe even canter. And for the little ones there are ponies available, suitable in height as well as nature.

It is quite tempting. And it doesn’t even come close to the joy of experiencing a connection with these animals. For which there is no age. We look forward to seeing you!

Don’t forget to watch this space, because we have planned to introduce you to our instructor and his very unique personal and professional story. And, of course, you will be able to meet with our main characters – the horses. A little bit of a spoiler – we have foals too. They are too young to ride, but are so cute, a great photo opportunity.

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