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23 May

10 years of creating a story through your stories

“How many years have gone past?” we asked ourselves a few years ago. Then we promised each other that we would not count. At the threshold of every new season we smile at the sun and the sea, and this smile is the footprint which Kaliakria leaves on the summer. And every summer is different here.

Because you too are writing our story with your stories.

It happens like this. From the very first season we meet a lovely Scandinavian couple in their own apartment. They were newlyweds at first. The following year they were expecting a baby. Last season, we noticed their grown-up child at the pool, and we saw the three of them sharing dinner at the Turquoise bistro. It was the same place where just the two of them used to have their morning coffee. You are smiling, aren’t you? So are we.

Or shall we take those hot summer nights filled with passion and rhythm in which Kaliakria turns into a dance floor, becoming a meeting place for Argentinean tango lovers from all over the world? A seemingly non eventful evening at first, shaped by the tranquil gaze of the moon and the deep blue of the sea, is almost over. At several tables in the restaurant conversations slowly fade away and the sparkles of red wine in the glasses glow out. And all of a sudden, music is heard. It is the kind of music which crackles quietly as if an old gramophone is playing. Tango! At ones everything is starting to move. The men who sat silently by the tables are now getting up inviting their ladies to dance with a gallant gesture. There are no words. Only movements. They have touched their heads together and have started to dance. Just like that, around the tables in the restaurant. Magic.

Or how about the race against wind and sea, the years of Kaliakria Cup Regatta, which fills the bay from Balchik to cape Kaliakra with the beautiful sweeping sails of the magnificent yachts?

But most of all, during these 10 years, Kaliakria established a tradition. Dedicated to serving delicious food from top quality local products and even an own vegetable and fruit garden. Dedicated to the care of peace and tranquility of guests in our apartments. Dedicated to the comfort and wellbeing around our pools.

Interestingly enough, did you know that the concept of the magnificent El Balcon del Mundo with the breathtaking view towards the sea and Thracian Cliffs golf course was originally painted on a napkin? A few months later the restaurant was already functioning, even surpassing the dream of its creator, who, in a gloomy afternoon, drew a sketch. Today it is one of the best restaurants in Bulgaria and there is a reason why. And because we never stop developing our taste for good food, this year El Balcon will start offering its steaks and fresh fish made on charcoal grill. One of the traditions that we have and which we are happy to continue with are the Friday jazz evenings in the restaurant because good food and good music complement each other.

Undoubtedly, the set of tasty memories is enriched by bistro Turquoise, which in the years kept the spirit of simple food coming from traditional Bulgarian cuisine. You have not eaten a better Mish-mash, except that of your mother and grandmother, of course. And from this year, the new Sunset Restaurant will also lure and tempt us.

There are plenty of colourful, sunny, naval, romantic and many other stories that mark these 10 years of Kaliakria. We will continue collecting them, not counting the years.

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