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5 Sep

12 cocktails easy enough for you to make in your own kitchen at Kaliakria

A lounger, an umbrella and a cocktail – this combination is a summer’s trademark. What else would you need? Umbrellas and sun loungers are placed right next to the alluring infinity pool where the bar is situated, and we have cocktails that bartenders will mix for you with style and dedication. But should you find yourself back at your apartment, looking forward to your quiet afternoon nap, gazing into the sunlight outside and longing for something more exotic to quench your thirst, try out some of these easy cocktails depending on what you can find in your fridge.

Even if you don’t manage to get them as neat as the ones at the bar, they will surely refresh you for the moment.


In a jug mix 2 teaspoons of orange juice, half a cup of lemon juice, one glass of water and 2 spoons of honey or sugar. Stir well and add ice and a few slices of orange.

Arnold Palmer

This cocktail is the choice of many golfers, and named to one of the golf masters is made with vodka, ice tea and lemonade.

Steffi Graff

Named after the famous tennis player it is made of equal parts of orange, pineapple and mango juice. You just need to add some soda and ice.

Angel’s kiss

Prepared with 30 ml of whiskey, 30 ml martini and 50 ml orange juice. Pour into a high glass, stir well and drop an orange slice.


100 ml vodka, 5 teaspoons of liqueur and some orange and lemon juice. Just add a piece of orange and ice and the combination is ready.

Cheeky monkey

An interesting offer made of 200 ml orange juice, 50 ml white rum and 50 ml vodka, served with ice cubes.

Sex on the beach

30 ml vodka, 30 ml peach juice and 60 ml orange juice, well stirred with a little bit of ice, make the perfect combination.

Gin Fusion (Bulgarian recipe)

For three servings mix a bottle of your favourite fruit beer with 150 ml gin. That’s all. Of course add some ice.

Sweet Lady

An easy mixture of 50 ml gin, 150 ml of strawberry juice and 100 ml of carbonated water. Fill with lots of ice and fresh strawberries.

Black velvet

A bottle or cane of Guinness beer is divided into 2 cups to which the same amount of champagne is added, that is poured onto a spoon rather than directly into the glass. Double-carbonated cocktail that can be drunk in larger quantities.

Milk cocktail

Mix 1 cup of yogurt, a little bit of honey, a few chunks of ice and a handful of fruits, preferably mostly strawberries or sour cherries. You can blend or simply crush the fruit and mix it.

Milk mint

Fresh milk and mint according to the taste and the desire for how strong you want the cocktail to be. Don’t forget the ice. It can be broken or in lumps.

Your own chosen palette of summer colours and flavors should hopefully leave you stimulated enough to happily enjoy your unwinding, lounging, or simply a well deserved restful nap.

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