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26 Jun

Four popular places for a visit near Kaliakria Resort

The summer holiday for most people is related to the experience of creating as many memories as possible. A trip to a desired destination is often accompanied by the urge to visit all landmarks and famous locations that we read about in articles and travel guides. Here we would like to offer you some worthwhile places nearby which you can visit while enjoying your holiday in Kaliakria Resort.

Cape Kaliakra – telling legends till today

Cape Kaliakra is situated at about 15 minutes drive from the resort. The rocks with a height of 70 meters reveal an endless view towards Kavarna bay. Dolphins can often be seen there. This picturesque spot became famous among the locals with a legend about an ottoman assault at the seaside settlements, during which 40 beautiful young girls fell captivated by the turks. They were closed in a cave at the top of cape Kaliakra and had to wait for the evening to be handed over to the most prominent warriors. Their grim fate made them take a decision – they tied their long braids together and jumped hand in hand from the high rocks into the sea.

Balchik Palace and the botanical garden  – home of Queen Marie of Romania

A few miles from Kaliakria Resort, in Balchik, is situated the summer residence of Queen Marie of Romania. When the Queen visited the town for the first time in the early part of the 20th century, which back then was still part of Romania, she was so captivated by it that soon she came back. Her second trip made her stay forever. The residence is also known as “the quiet nest” and today it is open for visits. Authentic objects and furniture are on display. A walk in the gardens is well worth, where you can go across the Bridge of Sighs and have a look at the so called Nympheum (the Water Temple). Here during the night the stars reflect in the water like in a mirror at the center of the temple. The palace itself is situated in the 194 acres botanical garden. Over 3000 plants can be seen here. 600 of them are cacti.

Aladja monastery  –  the beginning of the monastic brotherhood in Bulgaria

If you like history, an Aladja monastery visit is a must. It is situated at about 14 km from Varna and it is the most famous medieval monastery by the Black Sea. Its onetime Christian name has been lost but it Turkish “aladja” means “colourful”. It is very likely that the monastery acquired its current name because of the colourful frescoes in the caves. According to one of the folk tales, the first inhabitants here were members of the nobility who were expelled from Rome for their Christian belief. It is said that later, with the official acceptance of Christianity in Bulgaria, here the first Bulgarian monastic brotherhood was formed.

Cove Bolata – the route of migratory birds

The small cove Bolata is to be found in the close village of Bulgarevo. Here, nature has carved caves on both sides of the narrow gorge. A small river crosses Bolata, and it is being nourished by many springs. This place is home to several rare plants and animal species. Via Pontica, one of the most important migratory routes for birds from the whole of Europe, goes through Bolata.

Whichever of these places you choose to visit, you will most likely want to go back there again and again. To book a car to these or any other destinations, please call the Kaliakria Resort team on +359 898 64 49 65 or +359 893 61 65 73.

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