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17 Aug

Five beaches north of Balchik

The seaside is a desired summer destination for relaxation and exciting exploration for many of us, and we all have a preferred idea of ​​what the deserved break should look like. For some, it is lying all day under the sun sipping cocktails, for the foodies it is the exquisite gourmet experience, for others it is peace and tranquillity, and for the more active – water sports or a boat trip. And because here at the Northern Black Sea coast beautiful nature, facilities and service all come together, we can create your perfect holiday.

For those of you who would prefer some solitude and wish to get a little closer to nature, the area offers some of the most beautiful beaches on the Black Sea coast.

Beach Ikantlaka

Also known as St. George and White Lagoon, the beach is one of the most picturesque places on the Black Sea coast. Only 9 minutes away from Kaliakria, the beach is small, but beautiful, surrounded by tall white rocks, where small villas, bungalows and a camping area are perching. Nearby is the famous Tuzla lake with its healing properties, the Queen’s Palace with its botanical garden and the temple of Cybele.

Durankulak beaches

This is a vast and very beautiful beach, perfect for families with children because of the fine sand and crystal clear waters. Only a small pier divides the northern from the southern beach of Durankulak. The south is quiet and peaceful, suitable for relaxation, and nearby there is parking space and some small eateries for the visitors. There is an amazing view, where a narrow dune separates the Durankulak Lake from the sea.

The northern beach of Durankulak is tucked even further away from any big city and even less populated. But its unfrequented appeal is well worth it as it is stacked with pretty shells, mussels and pebbles, and other lovely gifts of the sea. The costs to you is only 35 minutes of travel.

Krapets beach

Wonderful and calm, this is true wild country, without the noise of the crowd. You will not see any cars and bars around, hence it is a place where you can rest undisturbed. The sound of the sea often merges with the guitar tone of jolly companies who come here to enjoy a carefree and relaxing afternoon. The beach is not that far, but due to the fact that the road is not first class, travel time is around 35 minutes.

Dobrudzha camping beach in Shabla

This is also a peaceful and quiet beach in the non-urban area, also well suited for nature lovers. Unpopular and without many tourists during the majority of the season, the beach is large and clean. There are small restaurants and a shop nearby, for those who want to stay longer. This is the first place in Bulgaria which the sun touches early in the morning. You can also visit the oldest lighthouse on the Balkan Peninsula nearby. The beach is less than half an hour away from the hotel.

Tyulenovo’s coast

One of the most peculiar places on the Northern Black Sea coast, known by many legends and the beauty of the underwater caves. The history of the village is connected to Tsar Ferdinand’s passion for ornitology and botanics. The Tsar loved to travel and brought back some seals from his trips to the Northern sea at the beginning of the 20th century. The locals might tell you that the tunnels under the water are still home for some of those seals. If you are curious enough, you can dive and see for yourself the beautiful work of mother nature. The “Great Jump” contest is being organised here now for two consecutive years, whereby anyone who succeeds in suppressing their fear and jumps into the water wins a prize. Experience Tyulenovo at only about 38 minutes away from Kaliakria Resort.

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