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4 May

Five important elements for the successful event by the sea

Successful events are part of our life and professional development but they usually require extraordinary efforts in engaging people, applying technical equipment and finding the appropriate place to fulfill not only our basic requirements, but to also contribute to the overall experience and ease of event planning and execution.

While organising a family celebration, team building or corporate event, it would be wise to seek the expertise of a specialised agency. However, it is still important for you to be involved in choosing the program and location if you want to achieve the desired result of creating a truly unforgettable personal experience or to fully satisfy your team’s needs.

In case you have chosen a seaside destination, there are several things to keep in mind while choosing a resort:


You have to make sure that the hotel is big enough and the rooms match the taste of your guests or the company’s employees. The arrangement of the rooms is also very important – are there enough options to put people closer to each other, on one floor, in one building, etc. The size of the rooms is also important in case of impromptu afterparties because often the event moves to someone’s room or terrace.


A nice swimming pool, wireless internet, parking, room equipment, etc. Banal but extremely significant details when you want your relatives to feel comfortable or if you want to have fun with your coworkers.

Food and partying

These two components are obligatory for each event regardless of it being a wedding, birthday, conference or commercial meeting. Whatever the aim of the gathering is, you always need a good restaurant with tasty food and party area.

Atmosphere and location

Almost every event has an official or formal part, for which you’ll need a special location. Therefore it’s important that the hotel can offer large enough spaces with day light and modern equipment, which will save you the hassle and cost for these additional arrangements.
 Convenient outdoor spaces that may be arranged according to your wish, are of great importance for personal occasions and beautiful photos.

Surrounding area

If you intend to spend more than one night at the event, it’s really important for the resort to be near a town or city where you could get some essentials. It’s also good to be situated near natural, historical and cultural landmarks. This will ensure valuable additional experience to your guests or simply diversify the program if needed.

Did we mention more than a few things? Actually the things you should bear in mind while choosing a resort by the sea for your special occasion or corporate event, are plenty. The good news is that from April to October you will be able to find all of the above as well as great service in Kaliakria Resort.

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