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25 Jul

Five fun games for the pool

A desired seaside location is the perfect place for a holiday where playful and funny moments turn into our most cherished memories. Sometimes it is up to us to create these memories. Here we would like to offer you some fun pool games for the hot weather. They are suitable for children and adults alike, especially if you can gather a larger group of friends and family.


Before starting the game you will need a transparent plastic bottle filled with water. Dropped inside the pool, it will become invisible. All players have to turn their backs to the pool so they can’t see where the bottle goes. After someone throws the bottle into the pool, the players have to dive in and find it. The winner is the person who finds the bottle.

Melt the ice cube

For this game you will need two teams with an equal number of players. Each team receives one or more ice cubes. The purpose of the game is to melt the ice as fast as possible. The first player takes the ice cube in his hands and starts warming it up. When his hands are too cold to hold the ice, he/she should pass it to his teammate. The winner is the team who manages to melt all ice cubes quicker.

Catch the water balloon

Balloons are bound to bring joy and laughter and they can play a part in many different games. Catch the balloon is played by two teams with four people each. Each team gets to hold two beach towels and some balloons, filled with water. Two players must hold the ends of each towel and pass the balloons to their teammates. Popping the balloons is inevitable. The winning team is the one who keeps the balloons longer without popping them (or for the higher number of passes).

Keep the ball dry

The game consists of throwing and catching a tennis ball inside the pool. The players form a circle in the pool and start passing the ball. Тhe aim is to keep the ball dry and not let it fall into the water. Everyone who drops the ball leaves the game. Keep the ball dry is very appropriate for children because tennis balls don’t sink in water so kids don’t have to dive in to bring them back.

Wet t-shirt

This is a relay game and is suitable for team buildings and corporate events, but it is also a good ice-breaker for getting to know new people around the pool. An equal number of players is divided into two teams. They have to swim from one side of the pool to the other and back while wearing t-shirt. On getting back to their team, players take off the t-shirt and hand it over to their teammate, which is not so easy ;). The winning team is the one whose players finish faster than their opponents.

All of these games, of course, have various interpretations. If you prefer а more traditional one, you can always play volleyball or water polo. Please, enjoy yourself as much as possible but play safely and take care of children’s safety too. Last but not least, don’t forget to send us your favourite pictures on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KaliakriaResort/. 🙂

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