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26 Jun

Are you having fun with cooking your own dinner tonight?

When you are with your friends or family on vacation, you probably want to experience something different. But often when away from home we miss the homelike cosyness of our own kitchen. In Kaliakria Resort you could dine in the elegant El Balcon del Mundo, or enjoy the traditional Bulgarian cuisine of Bistro Turquoise but you also have the choice of staying in and cooking a favourite meal all by yourself. Whatever you choose, we at Kaliakria want to make sure your vacation is truly enjoyable.

At the end of a hot day at the beach you could cool down on the terrace and spend the evening relaxing, watching TV or creating your own special dishes. After all the kitchens in each apartment are equipped with everything needed for a delicious meal!

To help you organise the perfect summer dinner, we would like to offer you some ideas for putting together a quick fun menu. Just don’t forget to add the most important ingredient – the beautiful view to the infinite sea..

Classic and spicy tarator 

Tarator is ideal for the summer heat because of its cooling properties. It can be prepared also as a salad or appetizer and goes well with almost every main dish.

For a classic Tarator you will need cucumbers, but for a more spectacular look, you can peel cucumbers by leaving one or two stripes unpeeled sideways. This way you will have more colors and the tarator will look more beautiful.

Then cut the peeled cucumbers very finely and add yoghurt and water in a 1: 1 ratio for a thicker mixture. Add garlic, dill, olive oil and salt to taste, but if you want your tarator to be really spicy, you can add the ‘secret’ ingredient – black pepper. You can serve the tarator in a large glass with a mint leaf.

Pork chops in orange sauce

For the main menu we offer you a slightly more exotic dish, which you can also successfully recreate at home.

Flavor four large pork chops with pepper and salt to taste. Fry in hot oil on both sides until golden. Cut 1 onion into crescents and 1 tomato in cubes. Shred the bark of 1 orange and squeeze the juice of the fruit. Fry the onions in the same oil where you fried the chops earlier. Once tender, add tomato, orange peel and orange juice. Add some salt and after 1 – 2 minutes return the chops to the sauce. Cook for another 3-4 minutes. The chops can be served with green beans, carrots or other vegetables according to taste.

Drained yoghurt with surprises

This dessert is again an old classic, yet easy, fast and extremely fresh. You can buy readymade drained yoghurt or drain it yourself, just make sure you buy one of the more fatty variety (4% and up)

In cups or larger glasses, put the drained yoghurt, flavored with honey, orange juice or vanilla. Serve with fresh fruits or jam of raspberries, strawberries or cranberries and crushed walnuts. Decorate with mint leaves, a slice of orange and lots of love.

You can get all the necessary products for this wonderful experience from the little grocery shops near Kaliakria or from the nearest towns – Kavarna and Balchik.

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