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24 Apr

Kaliakria Resort is announcing a Free Holidays Lottery

Kaliakria Holidays Lottery

Kaliakria Resort is inviting you to take part in a lottery, open to all who have made an online reservation through our website for a holiday in Kaliakria Resort between the 24.04.2018 and 06.05.2018.*

The requirement for participation is to use the promo code FREEVACATION when you make the reservation through our website https://kaliakria.com/.

The team of Kaliakria Resort is offering a total of three prizes. First prize will be a three days holiday for two, before 29.06.2018 or after 27.08.2018, second prize will be a two days holiday for two, before 29.06.2018 or after 27.08.2018, and third prize will be a free dinner at El Balcon del Mundo for the total value of up to 100 leva, whereby a free bottle of wine, choice of the restaurant, will be included.

The prizes will be drawn on 11.05.2018 at 15:00 h live on our Kaliakria Resort Facebook page.

*The prizes are valid only after the booking has been confirmed by the hotel, and the actual use of the pre-booked stay between 24.04.2018 and 06.05.2018..

General terms

RULES for participation in the lottery game, organised by Kaliakria Resort.

1. REGISTRATION FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE LOTTERY GAME: Those who wish to participate must make a reservation through our on-line booking system on our website: https://kaliakria.com and use the promo code FREEVACATION.

2. PERIOD OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF LOTTERY GAME: The lottery will start on 24.04.2018 and will be open until 19:00 h on 6.05.2018, and will be held as defined in the official rules dates.



5. THE PLATFORM, ON WHICH THE COMPETITION IS HELD: The official website of the resort https://kaliakria.com/. The lottery game is organised and conducted without limitation in territory and country.

6. PARTICIPATION: The lottery game can be entered by all INDIVIDUALS who meet the conditions for participations provided in the RULES FOR PARTICIPATION and GENERAL TERMS.

1.    Conduction and participation in the lottery game is performed in accordance with the rules set out below.
2.    Each participant is obliged to comply with these rules. Each participant can take part in the lottery game only after having accepted these rules.
3.    Participation is registered through the following mechanism:
Step 1: Everyone wishing to participate should make a reservation for a holiday in Kaliakria Resort through the online booking system on our website: https://kaliakria.com/ between 24.04.2018 and 19:00 h on 6.05.2018, by using the promo code FREEVACATION.
Step 2: On 11.05.2018 the winners from the lottery game are going to be announced. The draw is going to be held live at 15:00 h on the Facebook page of the resort: https://www.facebook.com/KaliakriaResort.
Step 3: The prizes that the winners will receive are:

1. A three day holiday for two before 29.06.2018 or after 27.08.2018, but not later that 30.09.2018
2. A two day holiday for two before 29.06.2018 or after 27.08.2018, but not later than 30.09.2018
3. Free dinner in El Balcon del Mundo for the total value of up to 100 leva, and a free bottle of wine chosen by the restaurant.

–  Acceptance of these rules is mandatory and the participant is obliged to comply with them and voluntarily provide personal information in this regard.

8. LIMITATIONS FOR PARTICIPATION: There can’t be a participant in the game, who is a partner or shareholder or worked under an employment contract or under another agreement for the promoter or was employed in activities related to the implementation, provision and administration of the Lottery game. If there is evidence determining an incompatibility with this requirement, the organiser of the Lottery game will suspend the participation of such person until the refutation of incompatibility by the participant. The organiser will assess on his own whether the non-compliance is refuted or not.

9.1. The organiser of the game announces the winners by contacting them individually and publishing a list on the website of the resort.

9.2. The organiser commits to notify the winner. For notifying stands contacting the winner via email address provided by each participant and/or phone number.

9.3 Receiving the prizes
After being notified of winning, the winner has to use their prize until the stated prize dates. Before taking advantage of their reward, the winners must make a reservation on +359 893 61 65 73 or +359 898 64 49 65 or via e-mail: reservations@kaliakria.com. The winners are obliged to give their names and they should indicate that they have won the competition and that the reservation made is in order to claim the prize.

If the winners do not contact the organiser before the dates specified on the prizes, and are not willing to take advantage of the prizes, the winners lose their right to receive their prize.

The organiser is not liable to the winner if an incomplete or incorrect e-mail address, phone number or invalid names have been provided.

By applying for participation in the lottery game, each participant agrees on art 4. para. 1 pt. 2 of the law of protection of personal data in relation to the personal data provided in connection with the contest. The organiser commits in no way to provide personal data of the participants in the lottery game to third parties.

9.4. The organiser reserves the right to make changes in the general terms, as for official change is considered an announcement on the website of the resort. The organiser is not obliged to notify participants for changes in the general terms.

9.5. The organiser is not obliged to conduct correspondence with the non-winners.

9.6. The organiser is not responsible for: false e-mails or misleading names of Facebook users; duplication on Facebook profiles from offenders; faulty or failed electronic data transmission; failure of the communication link, regardless of the reason for the equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers, computers or providers used in relation to this competition; inaccessibility to the Internet or the website or both of them, system failures on the website or on the Facebook platform; or any other obstacles.

9.7. Organising, representing, conducting and regulation of the lottery game is not controlled or managed by Facebook Inc by no means.

9.8. Facebook Inc. does not provide prizes and is not responsible for determining the results of the lottery game.

9.9. The awarding can be a public event. By participating in the Lottery game, participants agree that, if they win a prize, their names and photos become public. Ownership of the photographs remains with the participant and the organiser does not acquire any rights whatsoever for using photographs from the Lottery game for marketing purposes unless a separate agreement between participant and organiser is drawn.

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