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25 May

Kaliakria – more than sun, sand and sea

Kaliakria is something more than sun, sand and sea! Kaliakria is connected with horses, too.

There are few children who do not dream of riding. At Kaliakria we can make this dream come true for your children. And why not help you realize it for yourself, after you have already grown up?

Kaliakria Equestrian Center is part of our holiday complex and offers horse riding lessons for both absolute beginners and advanced riders. Our trainer – Alexin and his team will welcome you with professionalism, patience and passion, which only communication with horses can generate.

If you are an absolute beginner, your training will start in the arena to acquire basic skills. In the next stage, which don’t think it’s weeks, it’s actually hours, you’ll already have developed enough skills to take a short walk in the beautiful nature of the surrounding area. With a guide and instructor and “on the move” from the back of the horse, you will enjoy not only the communication with one of the most noble animals, but also the unique nature that starts literally from the door of the complex. Who would refuse a 45-minute ride among a field of flowers, the song of countless birds and a unique view of the sea?

For advanced players, we have an even more interesting challenge. Are you ready for a three-day hike with overnight stays at locations selected by our instructor? Bulgaria is full of secrets. We are ready to reveal some of them to you during such a hike. Plan it in advance. We will welcome you to Kaliakria Resort with dinner at our exclusive restaurant El Balcom del Mundo, perched on the edge of the “terrace” above the sea and golf course, and the next morning we will lead you on your own private horse riding adventure.

If you have chosen to be guests of the complex for your lower vacation, this is a unique opportunity to diversify your income and enrich it with another experience.

And you can also choose a hike for the day. This would be a great experience for the whole family.

The route looks like this: from Kaliakria Resort, we head north to the town of Kavarna, passing the village of Bojurets and passing Koc Dere – an impressive 7-kilometer narrow gorge, all green, pristine nature and fantastic views. Arriving at Cape Chirakman, we will stop for a rest and enjoy the sea view, which is seemingly endless – from Cape Kaliakra to Galata near Varna. We will explore the archaeological finds, including the remains of the basilica of the ancient city of Bissone. We will have a light lunch that we have prepared in advance for the purpose. After the break, we will return along the coastal plateau, overlooking the golf course of the Black Sea itself and the Thracian Rocks.

It’s tempting. And it’s beautiful.

Reserve your riding experience by writing to us or calling us directly.


Riding tour “Kaliakria” – Cape “Chirakman”

4 hours riding


Meet the horses and the tour guide.
Brief instructions and introduction of the tour plan and particulars.

We ride from Kaliakria Resort to the North towards the town of Kavarna passing the village of Bojuretc and along Koch Dere. Koch Dere is a spectacular 7 kilometres narrow coomb with flush vegetation and fantastic views.
Reaching Cape Chirakman, we will stop for a rest and enjoy the view streaching from Cape Kaliakra to Galata near Varna. We will look at the archeological findings including the remains of the Basilica of the ancient town Bisone.

Refreshments and sandwiches.

After the rest we will ride back along the costal plateau, overlooking the Black Sea and Thracian Cliffs golf course. We will pass again Bojuretc village and will arrive back at Kaliakria Resort.


Approximately 4 hours riding on field roads and paths with sea view and plenty of
opportunities for trot and canter.

Rent of saddled horses (Akhal-Teke crosses and/or East Bulgarian crosses)

Riding helmet is provided. Body protector upon request in advance.

Experience tour guide, refreshments and sandwiches are included.
This tour is suitable for good intermediate and experienced riders
Riders weight limit – 90 kg.
Price: Adults – € 90 ( 180 lv. )
Children under 15 y.o. – € 60 ( 120 lv. )