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Kaliakria Resort Blog

12 Jun

10 years Kaliakria photo contest scores

Thank you all who entered the ‘10 Years Kaliakria’ photo contest! It was a real pleasure seeing so many and such diverse photo images. We were really moved to see Kaliakria through your eyes!

Here you can see Dimitar Jantchev’s photo which got the biggest number of votes, and the listing of all scores. In 9th place we have two contestants with the same amount of votes. All contestants from 1st to 10th place will receive prizes according to the officially published rules. To all participants between 11th and 24th place, Kaliakria Resort is offering a complimentary welcome cocktail at Kaliakria Pool Bar on arrival. Wishing you a happy summer 2017!

  1. Dimitar Jantchev, “Ах, тази гледка”, 604 votes
  2. Venelina Hristova, “Прекрасно”, 443 votes
  3. Andra Cristescu, “Sunset with boats”, 348 votes
  4. Aglika Nikolaeva, “Our perfect wedding at Kaliakria Resort”, 244 votes
  5. Daniela Dobreva, “Happy moments”, 152 votes
  6. Teodora Georgieva, “My fav pic”, 144 votes
  7. Zornitsa Angelova, “The perfect location for our perfect wedding day!”, 135 votes
  8. Cristian Nastase, “Sunset at Kaliakria”, 129 votes
  9. Daniela Dobreva, “Relax”, 103 votes; Redzheb Shabanov, “Pure love in Kaliakria Resort”, 103 votes
  10. Miroslava Balkanska, “Красива гледка и прекрасен спомен”, 57 votes


  1. Irena Simeonova, “Незабравим спомен!”, 43 votes
  2. Milena Ilieva, “Ilieva”, 40 votes
  3. Bilyana Boykova, “lyato 2016”, 32 votes
  4. Boris Pechev, “Kaliakria”, 32 votes
  5. Kirsty Herrington, “The Wedding Evolution”, 25 votes
  6. Duncan Oneill, “Pool Bar Drinks.. Good Times! :p”, 19 votes
  7. Ralitsa Baeva, “Един малък рай”, 19 votes
  8. Georgi Dimitrov, “Една фантастична почивка”, 12 votes
  9. Ionka Nikiforova, “Прекрасен изглед от Kaliakria Resort”, 11 votes
  10. Maya Baeva, “Нека бъде лятооо”, 8 votes; Gergana Moskova, “и казах \”ДА!\”, 8 votes


  1. Ralitsa Georgieva, Ралица Георгиева, “Синева”, 7 votes
  2. Boryana Martinova, “Първа среща на Бобо с морето 2016”, 6 votes; Avgustina Davidkova, “Peace of mind”, 6 votes
  3. Nikolai Nikolov, “Our Wonderful Kaliakria resort!”, 5 votes; Desislava Dimova, “Красота”, 5 votes
  4. Daniela Petrova, “Безкрай…”, 2 votes

You can view all images by going to the photo contest page.







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