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Walking tours

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Walking tours

Path 1. A walk on the rocky shore in the vicinity of the village Kamen Briag (50 – 60 m above sea level) with a visit of the archeological reserve Yailata and its cave complex from around 5000 B.C. You will be able to see an antique brewery, as well as a number of Sarmatian graves from 3rd century B.C., cut into the rocks. The Sarmatian tribes were of Persian origin, they moved west from Central Asian steppes and into Europe between 5th and 3rd centuries B.C.

Duration of walk is approximately four hours. 

Path 2. A walking trip through Kavarna along the sea shore to the mussel farm in the region Dalboka. The terrain is flat, but quite rocky in places. You will cross the natural beaches of the bay and will enter into the water up to your knees at certain places.

Duration is approximately three to four hours.