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18 Jun

Without Single-use Plastic in Kaliakria Holiday Resort

This year, Kaliakria Resort reduces the use of single-use plastic products to 95%. The ambition is to completely eliminate the use of such items in the next two years, which is in line with the ban adopted by the European Parliament in March this year.

Tackling the use of single-use plastic products is the next stage in the harmonious development of the complex in tune with nature. Just one example -, ca. 120,000 plastic cups per season have been used in Kaliakria. This was partly due to legal regulations requiring the use of unbreakable vessels in the vicinity of the two large swimming pools, where restaurants and pool-bars are located.

Here are the measures that have been introduced from 15 June 2019:

  • plastic cups are replaced by bio-degradable from cardboard and / or PLA (manufactured from corn or potato starch);
  • plastic plates are replaced with cardboard and / or BAGASSE (manufactured from recycled sugar cane);
  • plastic cutlery is replaced with PLA or pressed wood chips;
  • plastic straws, cocktail sticks and others are replaced with bamboo, paper or PLA;
  • all activities related to the guest service in the resort will use either re-usable or bio-degradable products;
  • the establishments in the resort will not sell mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles.

“Caring for Nature” is the motto of Kaliakria Holiday Resort since its creation. – f.ex., here operates a modern wastewater treatment plant and the treated water is used to irrigate the gardens with more than 100 species of flowers and plants.

Kaliakria also has its own organic produce of vegetables, which are the guests’ favourite part of the menu in the three restaurants.

Kaliakria Holiday Resort is located on the Northern Black Sea coast between the Bulgarian cities of Kavarna and Balchik. The area in which it is built is outside of the “Natura 2000” protected area. There are 376 apartments in the complex, divided into 2 hotels, which offer “Bed and Breakfast” or “All-Inclusive” service respectively. It has 3 restaurants, 2 bars and 5 swimming pools. Since last year, Kaliakria also has its own Equestrian Centre. The complex has been successfully in operation for the last 12 years.